Callum Houghton

Web and Mobile Software Developer. Working mostly remote.

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Developing GIS focused web and mobile applications for KOREC Mapping, utilizing various development ecosystems and migrating current applications to Azure cloud resources.


Liverpool, United Kingdom.


C# - .NET,ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET, Blazor, Xamarin Forms.
Kotlin - Android, Multiplatform Mobile.
Java - Vaadin.
TypeScript/JavaScript - ReactJS, VueJS, Svelte, Node.js.
Python - Django, Flask, FastAPI, some MLOps using Darknet.

Data Access

SQLite - Mobile applications.
PostgreSQL - Web applications, with the PostGIS extension.
EntityFramework Core - .NET ORM framework for web applications.

DevOps Tools

Jira - SDLC management and sprint management.
Azure DevOps - CD/CI and Release Pipelines.
GitHub Actions - CD/CI and Release Pipelines, auto generating PR based test environments.

Specializing in

Designing applications from the ground up, with independence and architectural oversight, using various ecosystems.

Working along side fellow team members on pre-existing systems and ensuring code quality via code reviews.

Unblocking team members by providing technical advice and helping with system architecture.


Self-hosting applications. Novel applications of Augmented Reality and Internet of Things. Learning new languages, frameworks, and programming paradigms to better develop future applications. Playing Chess (poorly).


2021-present Senior Software Developer, K-MATIC

2020-2021 Mobile Applications Developer, K-MATIC

2019-2020 Research Software Engineer, STFC

2018-2019 Junior Software Developer, K-MATIC


2015-2018 The University of Liverpool

2013-2015 The Sutton Academy